What’s science got to do with it? Abortion from an OB/GYN’s perspective

A FREE public talk by Dr. John Bruchalski

Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:30 pm in Kane Hall 130, UW Seattle

A recording of this lecture is available here. Check back soon for a higher-quality recording.

We understand that the pro-life position is one that can and should be scientifically-grounded. We believe that the more the public learns about embryology and the procedures and practice behind abortion, the more they will question the status quo we live in today.

The public continues to be woefully uninformed as to how abortions are performed, when, why, and who is involved. Our mission is to inform the public so that they can make up their own mind as to whether the “choice” of abortion is one they’re really willing to embrace.

That is why we’ve invited Dr. Bruchalski to come to the UW and share his first-hand medical experience in the abortion industry, and to help us spread awareness of the science behind the pro-life cause.

Headshot of Dr. John Bruchalski

Dr. John Bruchalski’s passion is his family and the renewal and restoration of healthcare. Dr. Bruchalski was an abortionist during his OB/GYN residency, but was troubled by results he had seen. With time he reversed his position and in 1994 he founded the Tepeyac Family Center with his wife, Carolyn, out of his basement in northern Virginia. Dr. Bruchalski is now the Chairman of Divine Mercy Care.

Dr. John has been Board-certified since 1993. He graduated from the Mobile-based South Alabama College of Medicine in 1986 and completed his residency in 1991 at Eastern Virginia College of Medicine, home of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Since then, Dr. John has delivered several thousand babies and cared for thousands more women of all social strata. His medical interests include: caring for women with high-risk pregnancies, polycystic ovaries, cycle problems, PMS, hypothyroidism, stress, and fertility awareness.

He lives in the Capital area in a Polish commune with Carolyn—his wife of two decades—and his sons—John Paul and Joseph Francis—several dogs, cats, mice, and his father, Thaddeus.


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